Become an affiliate

You have discovered Synergo for yourself and would like to recommend it to others? Then become a Synergo affiliate and earn money with every recommendation. An active Synergo subscription is a prerequisite for an affiliate partnership, as we believe that genuine recommendations are the best advertising.

How it works

1. Contact us

Send us an email or give us a call. We will then activate your affiliate account for you and will be happy to clarify any open questions you may have.

2. Share your link

After we have approved your account, you can easily share your link anywhere: via email, WhatsApp, on your blog or website, your YouTube channel, Instagram or other channels.

3. Make money with Synergo

Every time someone purchases from us via your individual link, you will receive a commission on the total shopping cart value. Our affiliate program pays an affiliate commission of more than 18 %.

Interested? We look forward to you joining!

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