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Unleash your body's
natural potential.

Gifts from nature

For a powerful
metabolism and a
strong immune system.

Synergo basis

Nutrient mix:
metabolism formula

Simply well
looked after

Empower your body
to help itself.

Brain fuel

For memory,
focus, learning.

Synergo genius

Nutrient mix:
memory formula
with nootropics

Natural nutrient synergies since 2006

Your diet is one of the most important things you can influence in order to help yourself to more health, life energy and well-being. Take control of your own destiny!

We combine high-quality superfoods and micro nutrients of natural origin to create sophisticated nutrient synergies to strengthen your body’s natural healing power.

The nutrient synergies effect:
Multiple benefits in each serving

Complete care Synergo

Complete care

Complete care

Superfoods and nutrients in an optimal combination activate your metabolism, antioxidants protect your cells. For healthy aging, beautiful skin, and strong hair and nails.

Daily Detox Synergo

Daily detox

Daily detox

Natural nutrients strengthen your body’s own detoxification organs.
In addition, chlorophyll from Chlorella supports the removal of toxins.

Immune system booster Synergo

Immune system booster

Immune system booster

Vitamins, minerals, trace elements and more bring your body’s immune defence into full swing, have an anti-inflammatory effect and protect against pathogens and cell damage.

Gut health Synergo

Gut health

Gut health

Fibre, amino acids, and more support your gastrointestinal tract and promote a healthy gut biome – the key to physical and mental health.

Acid base balance Synergo

Acid-base balance

Acid-base balance

Natural plant-based ingredients in raw food quality balance the pH in your body and help counteract hyperacidity, which may be the cause of many chronic diseases.

Concentration + memory Synergo

Concentration + memory

Concentration + memory

Citicoline and a well thought-out combination of brain-active amino acids and nootropics naturally support the formation of synaptic connections and your mental fitness.

Clarity + creativity Synergo

Clarity + creativity

Clarity + creativity

Amino acids such as L-theanine, L-tryptophan and N-acetyl-L-tyrosine help to alleviate stress, anxiety and brain fog, have a mood-enhancing effect and increase calmness, clarity and creativity.

Better sleep Synergo

Better sleep

Better sleep

The interaction of nutrients such as tryptophan, B vitamins and magnesium supports in the creation of neurotransmitters and hormones that are important for good sleep.

High-quality ingredients optimally combined: perfect synergies ensure high bioavailability

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