Brilliant biology

Unleash your body's
natural potential.

Gifts from nature

For a powerful
metabolism and a
strong immune system.

Synergo basis

Nutrient mix:
metabolism formula

Simply well
looked after

Empower your body
to help itself.

Brain fuel

For memory,
focus, learning.

Synergo genius

Nutrient mix:
memory formula
with nootropics

Natural nutrient synergies since 2006

Your diet is one of the most important things you can influence in order to help yourself to more health, life energy and well-being. Take control of your own destiny!

We combine high-quality superfoods and micro nutrients of natural origin to create sophisticated nutrient synergies to strengthen your body’s natural healing power.

Take the tabs daily to feel the Synergo effect

9 a day

9 a day

Take 9 tabs throughout the day (applies to basis and genius). 1 can lasts approx. 1 month.

Conveniently simple

Conveniently simple

At home, at work, on the move: no preparation necessary. Just enjoy.

My Synergo subscription

My Synergo subscription

Flexible, individual, adjust anytime: if desired, we post Synergo every month to your address – shipping is free.

High-quality ingredients optimally combined: perfect synergies ensure high bioavailability

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