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Yes, if you want to feed and support your body well our Synergo products are designed and suitable for you. Today, we are confronted with highly processed foods, which have been shown to contain fewer nutrients than in the past, as well as toxin loads, preservatives and additives, etc. Independent scientists therefore recommend support with natural combinations of vital substances.

Yes, in Synergo basis (to support metabolism) and in Synergo genius (for memory, concentration, mental fitness) all raw materials used are of natural or natural origin. Of natural origin means that an active substance was derived from natural substances (and was not synthetically produced). Most of the micronutrients in our products come from the natural raw materials (algae, fruit powder, seedlings, etc.). However, in order to optimize the formulations and improve the bioavailability of the individual micronutrients, we add additional micronutrients of natural origin (e.g. amino acids, etc.).

Synergo Nutrient Synergy are gently cold-pressed tabs (also called pressed pieces) that you can easily bite and suck. Some prefer to swallow the tabs, which is also possible. However, we recommend chewing and lolling, as digestion already begins with mechanical reduction, saliva and the enzymes contained therein in the mouth. It is the optimal prerequisite for efficient digestion and absorption of micronutrients via metabolism.

We recommend taking 9 tabs Synergo basis daily as a nutrient base throughout the day (3 in the morning, 3 noon 3 in the evening, e.g. before meals).

To additionally support brain, memory and concentration, we recommend taking 9 tabs Synergo genius (e.g. 5 Synergo genius in the morning and 4 tabs after lunch).

The intake times can be varied according to individual preference and how they can best be integrated into your everyday life, but the intake spread throughout the day is beneficial.

Bioavailability is influenced by external and internal factors. Externally refers to the dosage form of the nutrient. Because Synergo nutrient synergies are designed to complement and support individual nutrients to better absorb the body, nutrients in Synergo achieve an external bioavailability of up to 98. At the same time, however, the bioavailability also depends on the condition of the person (sex, age, nutritional status and life phase) – this is the internal bioavailability. This means that aspects such as health or nutritional status also determine whether and in what amount a nutrient is actually recycled or rather stored or excreted.

We have already carried out metabolic analyses at many of our customers. Many of our customers recorded a very good use of nutrients over 90. This is also the reason for the good testimonials of many of our customers with Synergo nutrient synergy (improvements in e.g. allergies, increase in concentration, improved regeneration in athletes, more energy in everyday life, etc).

Synergo base tastes like lemon and pineapple due to the gently freeze-dried fruit powder. That it is based on premium algae like spirulina and chlorella you taste out, the mixture of high quality algae and fruit powders we find very tasty!

Synergo base is a natural product, so there can be slight variations in taste from batch to batch.

In addition, the composition of the saliva and special saliva proteins contained in it can affect how people taste food.

Synergo genius tastes slightly acidic due to the gently freeze-dried acerola cherry, a little bitter due to the bitter substances of the amino acids and in the aftermath one perceives the delicious fruity taste of the freeze-dried blueberry and raspberry fruit powders.

Synergo genius is a natural product, so there can be slight variations in taste from batch to batch.

In addition, the composition of the saliva and special saliva proteins contained in it can affect how people taste food. This is especially true for the healthy bitter substances of the amino acids in Synergo genius. Even those who do not like the bitter taste at the beginning can quickly get used to it. The body will probably demand soon after, if it realizes how well the bitter substances do to it!

Basically, Synergo basis is designed to provide a good base of important nutrients. But it always depends on the individual state of each person. If you are unsure, you should seek advice from a doctor or nutritionist. Synergo nutrient synergies are not a substitute, but a complement to a healthy lifestyle.

Yes, Synergo products have a basic effect due to the ingredients and their composition.

Depending on the condition of the body, detoxification reactions can initially occur due to the detoxifying active ingredients in Synergo basis. This can manifest in symptoms such as feeling unwell, dizziness, headaches, or digestive problems. They are signs that the body is detoxifying – which is desirable. However, the symptoms should not be severely limiting, and the detox should be comfortable.

So if you feel strong reactions after starting to take basis, then support your body with extra water (preferably still) and high-fibre food (fruit, vegetables, whole grain products, legumes, etc.) to aid the elimination of the dissolved toxins. In the case of stronger detoxification reactions, you should take it slow and possibly reduce the dose, e.g. to 4 or 5 tabs a day. Once the symptoms have subsided, you can gently increase the daily dose bit by bit.

Its important to remember that these symptoms are a sign that basis is busily working to reduce the toxins in your body and should not last very long.

Spirulina and chlorella are two of the oldest known food sources on earth, each with their specific strengths. Chlorella is phenomenal at detoxification due to its ability to bind and flush out heavy metals and other pollutants. Spirulina, while less effective at detoxification, has countless nutrients which are extremely easy and quickly available for the body, since, unlike chlorella, it does not have a hard, multi-layered cell wall (which, by the way, in turn is very beneficial for chlorella’s detoxification ability). Not only can chlorella and spirulina be taken together (since chlorella can distinguish between “good” nutrients and “bad” pollutants, there are no negative interactions), but they actually work together symbiotically: when the tissue of our body is charged with toxins, it can at best only partially absorb nutrients. Chlorella ensures detoxification and spirulina ensures a supply of important nutrients.

Incidentally, it is very important for algae that they have been grown in clean water. We use only very high quality algae in our products, we obtain our chlorella exclusively from the German manufacturer Roquette Klötze (Algomed). It is grown in a patented 500km long glass tube system to protect it from pollutants as it grows (otherwise it may already be contaminated with pollutants before it enters our bodies). We obtain our organic spirulina exclusively from the German-French manufacturer Akal-Food, who also attaches great importance to the highest quality and sustainable, gentle cultivation methods.

Our products are designed for daily support and are not intended as a cure. The body needs essential nutrients every day to be able to master all its tasks. We therefore recommend that you permanently supplement your diet with the important nutrients in Synergo.

Our concern with our nutrient synergies is to help the body to help itself. We want to make sure that he receives the basic vital substances he needs every day to keep himself healthy, and that he may not have sufficient access to the right of nutrients, environmental toxins, etc.

Synergo nutrient synergy is not a substitute, but a complement to a healthy lifestyle.

Algae have the ability to bind toxins and heavy metals from their environment. It is therefore possible that algae harvested from polluted waters may contain heavy metals that they have extracted from those waters.

For Synergo nutrient synergies, we only source premium quality ingredients. Our algae come from purest waters. We exclusively obtain the high-quality and pollution-free chlorella from the German manufacturer Roquette Klötze (Algomed). The plants grow in a patented 500km long glass tube system to protect them from pollutants as they grow. Since chlorella binds toxins, its detoxifying effect is phenomenal, but only if it enters our body free of pollutants. Our exclusive partner for organic spirulina is the German-French manufacturer Akal-Food, who also pays great attention to the highest quality and sustainable, gentle cultivation methods. We were immediately won over not only by the purity of his organic spirulina, but also by its nutritional profile and great taste.

Both Synergo basis and Synergo genius are regularly examined by food laboratories. The results of the investigation confirm the highest purity in relation to heavy metals:

Synergo base

Data in 100 g (in 6 g)
Lead 0.00 mg (0.00 mg)
Cadmium 0.01 micrograms (0.0006 micrograms)
Mercury 0.00 micrograms (0.0000 micrograms)
Heavy metals 0.00 mg (0.000 mg)
Strontium 0.11 micrograms (0.006 micrograms)

Synergo genius

Data in 100 g (in 6 g)
Lead 0.00 mg (0.00 mg)
Cadmium 0.008 micrograms (0.00048 micrograms)
Mercury 0.00 micrograms (0.0000 micrograms)
Heavy metals 0.00 mg (0.000 mg)
Strontium 0.088 micrograms (0.00528 micrograms)

The algae (especially chlorella) in Synergo nutrient synergy can bind toxins and heavy metals from their environment and then degrade them sustainably. In this way, you can support our body in detoxification. For this reason, we use algae specifically for the discharge of toxins for our Synergo products. Especially in people who want to reduce their body weight, algae help to discharge the released toxins. Pollutants such as heavy metals or pesticides, which are usually fat-soluble, accumulate in adipose tissue. When the adipose tissue is broken down, the pollutants are released and enter the bloodstream, allowing them to spread throughout the body and deposit them in our organs. Algae are able to store and discharge the pollutants.

Our nutrient synergies are designed so that one pack lasts one month. Of course, your body needs important micronutrients every day, that is why we recommend taking 9 tabs per day (spread over the day is ideal). With a Synergo subscription, you not only get your monthly supply automatically delivered to your door every month, but you also save on shipping costs. If you buy 2 cans or more, you get a price reduction of 5.00 EUR per can. This is our gift to you if you take Synergo basis for your metabolism and Synergo genius for your mental fitness. Or order together with friends and family.

When ordering your subscription, you have the choice at checkout whether you want the delivery to be on the 1st of a month or the 15th of a month. As soon as we receive your payment, we will send your monthly order to you. When paying by credit card, the monthly payment is carried out automatically, but you can also initiate the payment manually each month using one of the other payment methods. We will send you a reminder with a payment link every month. Or you can set up a standing order with your bank, just pick the option most practical for you.

The subscription has a minimum duration of 3 months. You can thereafter pause or cancel at any time (on the 15th of each month to take effect by the end of that month). Just send us a quick email to if you wish to do so.

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