Our nutrient synergies concept is based on four basic principles



We believe in the power of nature. That is why our nutrient synergies consist of high-quality natural ingredients in raw food quality. The gentle processing of the ingredients guarantees the preservation of nutritionally valuable ingredients. We select organic suppliers whenever possible. We reject synthetic colours, flavours, preservatives and genetically modified ingredients. Natural, carefully freeze-dried fruit powders, for example, not only contribute to the effectiveness of our products with their valuable micronutrients, but also ensure their delicious, natural taste.


Use of synergies for optimal bioavailability

The bioavailability is the rate and the amount at which a nutrient is absorbed (resorbed) by the body and gets into the bloodstream. The body cannot absorb individual active substances on its own in some cases, or if individual substances are combined in an unfavourable manner, there may even be interactions that hinder the absorption of the substances. Thanks to the ideal combination of ingredients, we make sure that all of our products use synergies and thus achieve the highest possible bioavailability of the micronutrients contained.


Suitability for everyday use

Our modern lifestyle is characterised by fast pace. Although we would like to take the time to cook with fresh vegetables etc. every day it is not always possible. Not only at work, but also during leisure activities and during the holidays, we do not always have the option to prepare healthy shakes. That is why Synergo nutrient synergies can be easily integrated into your everyday life. No need to shake, mix or prepare anything, you can eat the tabs directly from the can. With our practical little to-go tins, you can easily take your daily ration with you – everywhere.



Synergo nutrient synergies were developed to counteract the side effects of our modern life such as low-nutrient foods, stress and the constant barrage of toxins from processed food and the polluted environment. Did you know that the nutritional composition of our food has changed measurably over the past 50 years? Tomatoes contain only a quarter of their calcium, oranges have lost seven-eighths of vitamin A, broccoli provides only 20 percent as much copper as before (source: McCance and Widdowson’s the Composition of Foods. 2014. Royal Society of Chemistry).

Our nutrient synergies are not drugs that can be taken against specific ailments or illnesses. Rather, they provide nutritional support to help the body help itself.

Only selected high-quality ingredients become a part of our nutrient synergies

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